This wedding was unlike any that I've photographed! Courtney is from the US, and Jamie is from England. They met in Vail, Colorado, and they share tons of adventures together and love all thing outdoors. Their love for fun and their families made the day so special. There were so many English traditions brought in from Jamie's side of the family, and it all blended perfectly to create an energy filled and beautiful day. My second photographer and I were offered breakfast by 4 different family members within a few minutes of arriving, which just shows the kindness and hospitality of everyone there. Courtney was given a locket with a photo of Jamie as a young boy, and Jamie's mom was wearing her locket with a photo of her husband as a boy, given to her on her wedding day too. Their ceremony was in a park in Vail, surrounded by slack-liners and people playing frisbee. Everyone gathered and stood as they said their vows. 

Their officiant and close friend Kevin asked them what they loved most about each other. He shared their answers during the ceremony. They have given me permission to share their answers:

Jamie's Response:

"She is Smart, motivated, has a great sense of humor, a strong sense of morals, her best feature is her big brown eyes. She keeps me in line, and we bring out the best in each other…we are a good counter balance.  Life is just easier with her. I can't imagine life without her."

Courtney's Response:

"What I love about Jamie is his boss ambition and drive.  I love his goals for us in life. I also love that he is always there for me.  I just feel like I can completely depend on him and love the security he provides for me. I love having him to come home to and to talk things through with. I wish I could find a better way to put this because I feel like this sounds so cliche'.  I just feel like I can tackle the world because of his support. I also love how special he makes me feel. I feel treasured by him and like I am just the right girl for him. I can’t imagine life without him."

They also had a close friend read this poem:

Two shall be born the whole world wide apart,
And speak in different tongues, and pay their debts
In different kinds of coin; and give no heed
Each to the other’s being. And know not
That each might suit the other to a T,
If they were but correctly introduced.
And these, unconsciously, shall bend their steps,
Escaping Spaniards and defying war,
Unerringly toward the same trysting-place,
Albeit they know it not. Until at last
They enter the same door, and suddenly
They meet. And ere they’ve seen each other’s face
They fall into each other’s arms, upon
The Broadway cable car – and this is Fate!"
—Carolyn Wells

The speeches were a big deal at the reception, and there must have been over 10 times when everyone in the venue stood up and held their glasses in the air to cheers the newly wed couple. Guests traveled from Scotland and England, and were elegantly dressed and told stories together.  Everyone was so warm and friendly, and it seemed like it was already one big family reunion the way everyone got along. It was a beautiful day!


Venue: Brush Creek Pavilion

Dress: a&bé Bridal

Flowers: DIY

Catering: Moe's Barbeque