Jessica + Daniel | Adventure Engagement Session in Rocky Mountain National Park

In the wedding photography industry our clients often end up becoming our friends. As wedding photographers we walk alongside our couples from the beginning stages of planning to the moment they exit their wedding day. Over all that time we really get to know each other! Since I am with my couples the entire day of their wedding it's so important that we not only get along, but that we understand each other and have some sort of relationship. This is something I will always strive for with my clients, because it makes all the difference in how comfortable and supported they feel the day of their wedding, and it helps me better serve them throughout every step of the process.

Their wedding day hasn't happened yet, but Jessica and Daniel have already become like close friends. These two have been completely wonderful and generous from the very beginning. They are from another state so our first meeting was over Skype instead of face to face. We talked for awhile and laughed a lot. I learned later that they chose me to be their wedding photographer mainly because when they got off of that first Skype call, they felt like they had just caught up with an old friend. I felt the exact same way! We all felt connected and relaxed around each other and it made their adventure engagement session that much sweeter. 

These two are so kind and sweet to each other. As we walked through snow banks and over rocks, Daniel would always be offering his hand to Jessica, helping her down or offering for her to lean on him. They ended up wearing Toms shoes, even in the snow, and they just ran with it, laughing the whole way. The evening ended watching the sunset behind the high alpine mountains. It was breathtaking, freezing cold, and made for lots of cuddles.