Lydia + Danny | Expecting (Film)

In both high school and college, I spent the majority of my time in the darkroom. Countless hours were spent learning how to print my own work. I absolutely love the way that time seems to stop when you are creating photographs from what seems like thin air. The quiet space of processing and printing film became a part of me. It became part of who I am as a photographer. I had always worked in black and white, and did lots of experimenting with older processes, like cyano types, tin types, platinum palladium printing, among others. A few years ago my grandfather passed away, and left me all of his old cameras. I vowed to not let them take up more time getting dusty on the shelf, but to find the film for each camera, and put them to use again. While this post is just from my 35mm Canon, I will soon share my findings playing with my grandfather's Polaroid Land Camera, which has been the most fun, and least expensive to buy film for. All that being said - I have never worked with color film, until now! I've been experimenting with different types to find what I love best. This was shot with Kodak Portra 100, and although some have too green a tint, I still love them. I will be posting separate blog posts on each session I shoot in film. Next I'll be trying out Portra 400. Enjoy Lydia and Danny's maternity session on film!