Shelby + Bjorn | Brewing Session

You read that right - brewing session! Shelby and Bjorn teamed up with Salud Custom Brew Events to create a custom home-brewed beer together. This was an awesome and completely different day to be a part of. I've known Shelby and Bjorn for a little while, and I've always wanted to work with them. When the idea came up to do a photoshoot centered around brewing a custom beer for a couple, I knew they would be perfect! The night was relaxing, we made dinner on the grill, learned all about the brewing process, and shared some of our favorite brews with each other. I'm hoping more couples choose to brew some custom beer for their big day, it's such a fun experience. Cheers!

Custom Beer Brewing: Salud Custom Brew Events

Custom Signage: Bezalel and Babel

Jewelry: Pam Schell with KEEP Collective

Hair: Halcyon Salon and Spa

Makeup: Ally Triolo