Vanessa + Albert | Chicago Wedding

Vanessa and Albert got married last month in Illinois, by a beautiful river, surrounded by a lively group of family and friends. 

"Albert and I met our freshman year of college at Loyola.  We quickly became best friends and remained friends all through college. Our friends always hinted that we should date and I heard rumors that he had "romantic" feelings for me, but we took our time on things (about 4 or 5 years!)... I remember sitting around with my roommates one day when I decided I wanted more than friendship. He was taking a course with my roommate so I picked out the perfect card (inside I wrote a note asking him on a date), and had her deliver it to him at their class. When she got home from class that night, her only remark to me was that he had a HUGE smile across his face..."

Since then it was a 4 (or 5?) year journey with ups and downs, but all the things we experienced in that time made our friendship and love for one another that much stronger. It's hard to imagine that we've been a focal point in each other's lives for 10 years now."

These two are some of the most generous and caring people I've ever met. Vanessa and Albert are both strong and rambunctious go-getters, qualities that only intensify when they are together. Their day was full of close friends and family. You could feel the love each and every guest had for these two. Their bridal party was rowdy. They couldn't stop picking up the bride (and even the groom), and the guys were hell-bent on getting a jumping photo together. Interactions felt more like those between siblings - like you could skip the small talk all together, and jump into the messy fun stuff. My kind of people.

Albert's family is originally from Poland, and Vanessa's is originally from Chile. Family members from both sides came from out of the country for the wedding. During the ceremony, one family member from each side did a chosen reading, one was in Spanish, and the other in Polish. It gave me goosebumps. It's beautiful how this one couple has brought worlds and cultures together. And the dancing was no joke. Your standard wedding music would be playing, when all of the sudden a sexy, salsa number would come on, and all of Vanessa's relatives would shout for joy while they danced their hearts out. Next would be an upbeat polka song, and Albert's family would show off their moves. Everyone tried their best to dance both. Surprisingly, Albert's father may have been the best salsa dancer in the building! It was a blast.

To sum it all up, this day was rich. Rich with friendship, culture, and connection. Let's just say that of all the weddings I've ever attended, I've never seen the night end with the bride (following her husband's attempt) doing the splits, barefoot, with perfect form.

A sincere congratulations to you both, Vanessa and Albert! 


Venue: Riverside Receptions

Bride's Dress: Wedding Belles

Bride's Jewelry: Kendra Scott

Bride's Shoes: on clearance at DSW

Bride's Veil: Wedding Belles

Hair & Makeup: Reflections Metro

Rings: Wyatt Austin Jewelers

Groom's Suit: Black Tie Formalwear

Guy's Shoes: Cole Haan

Groomsmen Attire: Black Tie Formalwear

Flowers & Boutonnieres: Winfield Flower Shoppe

Cake: The Cakery

Catering: Provided by Venue

Wedding Favor Honey Jars: Austin Honey Company - Bride's Father and Brother-In-Law's honey farm in Austin, TX - (I can personally attest to the deliciousness of this honey. You should order some.)

Decor at Reception: DIY by bride's mother and sister