I had so much fun exploring Twin Lakes with these two! It was a cloudy and cold evening, and I swear they smiled and laughed the entire time. As soon as we wrapped up their session it began to snow! I'm so thankful for the couples I get to work with, and these two get extra points since our car ride home included singing along to the Moana soundtrack! I cannot wait for their wedding this Fall! 


Julia and Robert were visiting Colorado and decided they wanted to do an adventure session while they were here! Their sweet pup came along for the fun, and she was honestly the best dog I've ever worked with. At one point I even had her tied around my waist while I photographed Julia and Robert alone. I was quite proud of my multi-tasking skills in that moment! I absolutely love working with couples visiting from out of state, I become part photographer/part tour guide. It's so fun getting to share these places I love with amazing couples!


All of these adventure sessions lately have been good for the soul! Lindsay and Bryan were such troopers during this chilly mountain evening. We hiked through the deep woods over huge snow banks and finally found a mountain view behind a lake that was breathtaking. It was a quiet and crisp evening. The sun set behind the mountains while the most beautiful mist rose from the water behind us, and we walked back to the car by the light of the moon. I met up with a few months later to talk more details about their wedding day next year, and Lindsay surprised me with a travel journal for my trip to Ireland! It was seriously so thoughtful, I almost cried. What an honor it is to serve clients as sweet as these guys. 


Lauren is from California and Jack is from England, and they spent the last year together in Ireland! It was such a joy to spend time with these two and capture a little piece of this season they shared together. They trudged through squishy seaweed and mud with me and we watched the sun go down over the water on the West coast of Ireland. There was a random castle in the background, and swans hanging out in the swamp. This day is just one of my favorite days. Enjoy!


What a year it's been! I am truly filled to the brim with gratitude writing this. I still am in awe of all the good that happened this year, all the crisp evenings, adventures, new experiences, warm traditions. Looking back at all that happened in 2017 has been insane! I cannot believe how much I've grown and failed and overcome and lived. This year has been full of new places and new people, I travelled all over the country documenting wedding days, couples, and families. I celebrated 4 years of marriage with my husband by road tripping around Ireland. I got to spend so much time with my nearest and dearest people. This year has held so many incredible and tangible moments. Of course we've had our share of difficulty. Loss, unexpected health issues, seasons of endurance rather than reaping... It's interesting taking the good with the bad, trying to remember both sides of the days and months. Each year I feel like I am getting to know myself more, I have a better grasp on who I am. I'm learning what I can offer the world as not only as a person but as an artist. It's really been a year of introspection and finding my voice even more. There are things coming I cannot wait to explore, and I'm so excited to be announcing some changes in my business soon. 

To all my wonderful couples of 2017, I cannot thank you enough. I am so grateful to all of you for following along with me, for supporting me and for trusting me to document your beautiful, wonderful lives! 


Your favorite Insta posts:



(because writing them down makes them real, right?)



Anyone else feel me on this one? While 2017 was incredible, it also involved a lot of sacrifice with my personal health, family time, and other values. I want "less is more" to be my theme this year. I want to sincerely get to know each and every client of mine so I can tell their stories better than ever. I am thrilled to be seeing this theme more and more with my creative peers, and I think it takes guts to say it out loud! I've been really honing-in on what I feel I'm best at, and how I can best serve my current and future clients. Part of this transition means I'll be limiting the number of full weddings I'll be booking in 2018. I'm only a few away from my max for the year! I'm SO looking forward to focusing on the quality of each wedding day, rather than the quantity I shoot in a year. I cannot wait to celebrate with all of my brides and grooms next year - WOOT WOOT! This shift will also open me up to offer even more adventure sessions, and a few new services I'll be announcing soon! 



Ok, this is so ironic, right? I mean 95% of the photos below were taken by me, somewhere outside and breathtaking. The thing is, I spend so much of my time in front of the computer and doing the behind the scenes of running my business, wishing I could teleport into the photos I'm editing, that I often forget to get outside for just myself! A common goal for my husband and I this year is to go hiking and camping MUCH more than last year, and really take advantage of the beautiful places we live so close to. I'm looking forward to more exploring, and days and nights away from all the screens!



This one seems obvious, but I just have to write it down. Every New Year when I look back at who I was a year ago, I'm blown away! This is my reminder to give myself grace in failure, and that every day can be used to learn something new and improve. This of course applies to my business and being an artist, but I'm also striving for it my spiritual and personal life.



Another common theme, and one I know we all struggle with on some level. This is such a hard one, but I feel like it's getting easier and easier the more it's talked about! Even from the beginning of this year I've been able to own my craft and my voice even more, and I see where I've grown in being confident in what I have to offer. There is no such thing as too much beauty in the world. Celebrating each other's victories and supporting each other in our wins and loses needs to be a part of the equation. 



I have some ideas that have been burning in my chest for awhile, and I just haven't made the time to make them happen. A goal for me this year is to set aside time and creative space for at least 1 thing that is just for me, just for the sake of creating. I think it's so important as artists to have this type of outlet - to have the space to make things with no real agenda, no fee, and no pressure.






Leave me a comment below! I hope you enjoy.


Jessica + Daniel | Adventure Engagement Session in Rocky Mountain National Park

In the wedding photography industry our clients often end up becoming our friends. As wedding photographers we walk alongside our couples from the beginning stages of planning to the moment they exit their wedding day. Over all that time we really get to know each other! Since I am with my couples the entire day of their wedding it's so important that we not only get along, but that we understand each other and have some sort of relationship. This is something I will always strive for with my clients, because it makes all the difference in how comfortable and supported they feel the day of their wedding, and it helps me better serve them throughout every step of the process.

Their wedding day hasn't happened yet, but Jessica and Daniel have already become like close friends. These two have been completely wonderful and generous from the very beginning. They are from another state so our first meeting was over Skype instead of face to face. We talked for awhile and laughed a lot. I learned later that they chose me to be their wedding photographer mainly because when they got off of that first Skype call, they felt like they had just caught up with an old friend. I felt the exact same way! We all felt connected and relaxed around each other and it made their adventure engagement session that much sweeter. 

These two are so kind and sweet to each other. As we walked through snow banks and over rocks, Daniel would always be offering his hand to Jessica, helping her down or offering for her to lean on him. They ended up wearing Toms shoes, even in the snow, and they just ran with it, laughing the whole way. The evening ended watching the sunset behind the high alpine mountains. It was breathtaking, freezing cold, and made for lots of cuddles. 

Katie + Andy | Rocky Mountain National Park Engagement Session

Katie and Andy are getting married this summer! They are both Elementary School teachers, Katie teaches music and Andy teaches Science. Their sense of humor and love for each other is beautiful, it's clear they have a ton of fun together. We explored on a cold, foggy day in Rocky Mountain National Park. Without any direction or prompting, Andy picked up Katie over and over again, swinging her around or pretending to drop her, it was adorable.  It was such a joy to capture their connection. A storm passed over the mountains and eventually revealed a beautiful mountain view just as the sun was setting. You couldn't ask for a sweeter couple or a better night in the mountains!