This list of names ensures that family portraits are and fun and fast, and it lets you focus on each other! It takes the pressure off of remembering combinations at the last second. It also makes sure no one gets left out, and that each family member knows where they need to be and when. My associate photographer and I will use these names to call together the different groups listed below. As an extra help, if you have a good friend or family member who is loud and friendly, feel free to ask them beforehand to help us gather people together! 

Use the form below to make a list of any formal photographs you would like me to capture during the family portrait session at your wedding. I will do my best to make sure all of your requested shots are completed. Please be aware that time is a factor and each group will generally require between 3 and 5 minutes depending on how large and well organized your family is. 

First listed are the standard family groupings, please list all names and relationships to either of you when filling out the groups you want. The standard groupings are simply a guide, and may be changed or tweaked as needed to fit your family's needs! You can also list any additional groupings you would like under "Additional Groups" at the bottom. Please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail me if you have questions or need assistance. 

Thank you!


In the spaces provided, please list the NAME and RELATIONSHIP to bride or groom for each person you want in the photo.


EXAMPLE: Susan (mom), Paul (dad), Lindsey (sister), Brian (brother), and Derek (brother), and Kate (sister-in-law).
(Feel free to leave out each relationship to the bride if there are lots of extended family members)
(Feel free to leave out each relationship to the groom if there are lots of extended family members)
Please list any additional groups you would like, as well as names and relationships to bride and/or groom
EXAMPLE: I would love a photo of the two of us with my Great Grandma Jenny.
EXAMPLE: Photo of the bride with her college friends, Emma, Joe, Olivia, Stephanie, and Megan